Friday, January 28, 2011

Big Kid Rooms...

Since there is a wee one on it's way we have been shifting the house some. Our Big Boy has moved out of the nursery and into his own Big Kid room. I have enjoyed putting all of the pieces together and making a comfortable little zone for my boy (I will share soon). 

I love how Sixx Design...the crazy, fun, husband and wife design team with the pack of children (I am sure you heard about them via word of mouth or even caught a glimpse of their reality show)...make their kids rooms feel more like adult rooms yet keeping up with playfulness one would expect in a child's room.

The Girlie Tween Room. 

The spaciousness here is perfect for those wild banshees to run and play!

Only in New York would you see a Vik Muniz in a nursery...made entirely of found plastic toys.


  1. I love the last image and the idea of placing real artwork in a nursery. The little ones can appreciate the good stuff too right?!

  2. I love the draperies in the last photo. gorg.

  3. I am in love with the second room. Great finds!

  4. The Vik Muniz in the nursery is insane! Love, love, love! xo Samantha