Wednesday, April 18, 2012

DIY chandelier...

I did it. Awhile back I mentioned this DIY chandelier bit. It's been complete and was installed weeks ago. I have been either too busy or too lazy to get it together and write this post but here it is. I made some minor adjustments to the piece {I added an additional light bulb and used a brass rod for the hanging support rather than the cloth covered cord it called for}. I love how I am more amped on our homemade chandelier than our fancy store bought one. I also feel like a badass for pulling this off and making an actual light fixture. There are future fixtures brewing - these hands want to get dirty!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Manatee County...

We're back from our rendezvous with N+P and some serious cousin loving...there was an abundance of water time, adventures on bicycles, buried children at the beach and we witnessed plenty of marine life doing their thing;including a manatee. Oh, how I wish my life was a constant vacation but without the sleepless nights - my kids like to sleep in their beds and only their beds. I am willing to share our secret spot for anyone looking for the perfect family destination within the Continental US and who might like to give FL a chance - let me know if you're interested. Now back to reality. 

Friday, March 23, 2012

Old Fashioned, please...

I feel like I am 8 years old again and my parents are letting me stay up late to watch The Wizard of OZ on TV...remember those days? Well, I am pumped for Sunday...I will have to make sure to eat all my vegetables at dinner and be a good little girl. I don't want to miss out on the Mad Men season premiere. Enjoy the weekend!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cafe con leche...

I am a total coffee freak - It was muy difĂ­cil for me to quit while pregnant yet, I switched to decaf in order to appease the taste buds. There are a couple of amazing roasters here in sunny CA that I would love to quickly give a shout out to.


First, Verve Coffee Roasters, located in my old stomping ground of Santa Cruz - my all time favorite.  Verve has won a ton of awards not only for their coffee but also for having extremely talented baristas. Some in which have placed high in national competitions. Did you even know that baristas compete? My go to roast is the Street Level Espresso - so, so good.

The second player is Intelligentsia Coffee - also award winning for their beans AND in 2010 one of their barista's took home the world title. Intelligenstia started in Chicago and has expanded to three facilities nationwide {Chicago, LA and NYC}. My favorite blend : Agua Preta. If you are a coffee nerd like myself and have not been fortunate enough to try either of these - do it now. Order up a lb. or two and break out that French press.

Intelligetsia Coffee, Los Angeles

And to get to where I wanted to be {the true force behind this post}...the great debate: Filtered vs. Unfiltered...which way do you brew? First, you must throw out that ridiculous 'coffee maker' and invest in the real deal - hand drip that cup of joe!

The contenders...

Chemex and Mugs
Beauty - Chemex : shown sans filter

French Press
Classic - Bodum French Press : unfiltered

Elegance - Donut Coffee Dripper : Japanese - so you know it's cool.

I always go Classic but it is always nice to venture out into not so familiar territory...which do you prefer?

p.s. images via flickr

Friday, March 9, 2012

High chair...

And you thought all high chairs were ugly...not this guy. Job well done Nanna Ditzel. This one can be yours for a mere $2,600! If you are local, head down to design/one and if you live elsewhere you can go here

nanna ditzel

nanna ditzel

nanna ditzel

I wouldn't want you to break the bank with this Mid Century beauty so here are a few affordable options...

200 base

The Stokke Tripp Trapp...this is what we have - I scored a used one on Craigslist. The base which is pictured starts around $200 and the accessories {infant seat, cushion and feeding tray} are an extra expense. The Tripp Trapp adjusts with the growth of your child can hold up to 200lbs - great to keep around for when you need an extra seat.

Artek 990

Baby Chair 616 by tricks here, just a nice looking seat. $990 - demasiado! 

bloom-fresco 395
Fresco by Bloom...$395...a little too modern looking for my taste but I love the concept. Begin using as a cradle and then move through the feeding stages. Brilliant!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mikael Kennedy...

Like most adventures, it is the journey and that in which you encounter along the way that is most likely retained in your memory. Not necessarily where you are going or where you have been. What fleeting moments have you been filing away? Which details have you preserved? I love the catalogued approach of photography by Mikeal Kennedy. Kennedy, a NYC photog, has a vast library of his own so-called happenings, best known for his Polaroid blog: passporttotresspass - love it. However, my first introduction to his work was here {1979} - also love it. Enjoy.



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