Wednesday, April 18, 2012

DIY chandelier...

I did it. Awhile back I mentioned this DIY chandelier bit. It's been complete and was installed weeks ago. I have been either too busy or too lazy to get it together and write this post but here it is. I made some minor adjustments to the piece {I added an additional light bulb and used a brass rod for the hanging support rather than the cloth covered cord it called for}. I love how I am more amped on our homemade chandelier than our fancy store bought one. I also feel like a badass for pulling this off and making an actual light fixture. There are future fixtures brewing - these hands want to get dirty!


  1. Ohhh yeah baby, that looks so good! As you know, I went with the brass rod and canopy too. I think it looks more finished that way. Great idea to add the extra bulb, as ours doesn't quite provide enough light esp. with really dark walls.
    More DIY's soon? One a day, right crafty lady??

  2. I LOVE that!! Am brainstorming where in my house I could use more lighting. It's so simple and cool.

  3. that is amazing!! it looks incredible!