Friday, March 4, 2011

A Single Man...

These past few weeks have been all about sitting still and storing energy for what is about to happen {the big birth-day}. I have managed to read an unheard of amount of chapters from the stack of books on my beside table, watched a few movies, enjoyed mealtimes with some of my special ladies and soaked up a bit of sunshine at the beach.

One of the films I recently viewed is Tom Ford's directoral debut, 'A Single Man' - a story about love and loss. A film with an expressive representation of grief set amidst the pages of endless Gucci advertisement. I was blown away by the impeccable attention to design and detail...hence Mr. Ford.

A myriad of conversations can develop in regard to all aspects of this film and film itself. However, we will not venture to those depths. I will in return leave you with a few of my favorite stills borrowed from the web.

Final note...the house in which most of the film takes place is amazing - worthy in itself.

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