Wednesday, June 15, 2011


As the season turns warm I always long for home...there is no place like my little island in the summertime. It was Grace who thrusted me deeper into my yearning for the East and at the same time turned up the excitement for our journey in August. I can't wait to smell the woods and salt air mixed into one, enjoy littlenecks and home grown corn on the cob, shop at the farm stand, drink a late night beer with friends, sit around a beach bonfire, swim out at Chappy, go for a carousel ride with the kids, experience a Menemsha sunset and visit the animals at the Ag Fair. We are already there...


  1. you have no idea how excited i am for you! i love that we both share a love for our homes on the east coast.

    ps. i can't wait for you to meet amy meier on saturday...she got married on marthas vinyard and is from around there!

  2. can not wait to share it all with you and the littles!