Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Barn...

I believe it started back when I was a babe. My mother had an antique shop that was in a barn. In the eighties my parents built a post and beam barn in place of the dilapidated dairy barn on the historic farm we lived on {it was even haunted}. Some of my favorite weddings took place in barnyard settings. The last piece of property I lived on as a single woman had a barn that we threw barn dances in - we would stay up until the break of dawn dancing to New Order. I even have a girlfriend who has lived in every type of shack, chicken coop, lean to, tool shed, barn there is. She makes me smile.

I have always wanted a barn of my own out in the middle of 'nowhere'. Here are some of my inspirations for that barn to come.


  1. Oh I love all of these! When I was growing up, I lived down the street from my best friend who had a farm and so a barn. God we loved playing there.
    But of course thinking I belonged in the big city, I hauled butt out of the country. Now looking back I realize I'm still a country girl at heart and long for a barn of my own!!!
    I guess I could have both here in southern ca if I can sneak a pet pig, goat and a chicken in my back yard here in Del Mar. :) I'm working on it!

  2. i have such a thing for barns lately. these are just beautiful spaces!