Friday, October 29, 2010

House of Worship...

It seems like I have architecture on the brain.

I have not been able to get this amazing piece of property out of my mind. I found it leafing through the pages of Dwell a few years back and have found myself revisiting it from time to time. I am in love the with craziness of it all. How many people do you know live in a reclaimed church? And this one is too much fun to not share with you all {my one follower}.  
I like the little daydream of making a new friend, being invited over for the first time and as your mom pulls the family station wagon up their house - this is what you find upon your arrival! What a shocker...right? 

And what I really want to know: what is in the steeple?


  1. too cool!! I love it... when Ross and I were just married we dreamed about living in Oregon and we actually made a couple trips looking at properties. One of the places we saw was an old school house {with the most amazing authentic 'school house lights' oh and it had a gym!} ... This totally reminds me of it.