Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Burning House...

If your house was in flames, what would you take with you? Have you ever taken the time to really think about it? I stumbled upon this place a few days ago and have been thinking about it non-stop. I love the variety and similarities in responses...what's sentimetal, practical and valuable to you?

  • Baby Stella: she is 12 weeks old and is not able to walk/run out of the house like Ryder my 2 year old son and Olive our family dog 
  • Baby Sling {under jeans}: to carry Baby Stella in
  • Purse/Diaper Bag {Not pictured}: what's currently in it {5 diapers, change of clothes for both kids, swaddle cloth, wipes, sunblock, lip balm, 2 checkbooks, old receipts, Iphone headset, 1 pen, 2 lollipops and 4 Matchbox cars}
  • Wedding Nest: found the morning of at our ceremony site
  • VW Hubcap: I have been carrying it with me since I was a teenager so why stop now
  • My Silver Baby Mug: given to me by my mother when my son was born
  • Heirloom Gold Pocket Watch: pictured in white porcelain bowl from France {also a taker, both gifts from my parents}
  • B&W framed photo of my dad: taken by my mom in front of her antique shop 
  • 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: given to me by my grandmother, the book was once my father's 
  • First Edition of Guernica Pablo Picasso: a gift from my husband
  • Plymouth "Mayflower" Plate: my birthplace, a gift from a friend
  • "Mousey": my childhood stuffed animal
  • Ipad, Ipod {Iphone and Imac not pictured}
  • Stack of Passports: all 4 family members accounted for
  • Favorite Jeans, T-shirt and Havaianas 
  • Canvas Bag: I never leave the house without one besides I will need something to carry all my loot in


  1. I love this post. When we had the fires a few years ago I was the first of my neighbors to awake in the middle of the night only to see our back yard on fire. In a complete panic I woke my husband put on my fave pants, grabbed a wedding picture and family picture and ran through the neighborhood trying to wake people. I really need to put together a list of what I should take for next time. (It's SoCal...there will be a next time.)

  2. Jenny! Oh my gosh! Hahaha...I was like that little baby looks like Stella and it is! I found that site the other day too and LOVE it. So hard to choose what I would bring. Obviously Mila, Matt and Gorbie. But as far as other grandparents wedding photo, my stuffed bear, my laptop, my red coat from New Zealand and one of the first love letters that Matt wrote me. I love your blog! :)