Friday, May 20, 2011

Maple love...

I have been obsessed lately with maple...from eating way too many servings of pancakes and french toast to devouring those really bad yet, really good maple cookies from TJ's. Once the guilt from my gluttony set in I decided to seek out a healthier version for my maple cookie lust. Besides, things have been a little too easy at my house these days...I mean store bought cookies?! So I hired my little pastry chef in the making and we set out to make these simple vegan delights I found here.

On a side note: The antique cookie press you see in the photos was used by my sister and I when we were kids. Smile. I have no idea where my mom got it or if she even knows that I have it.

And yes, I have been gaga over the Instagram App.


  1. Those look so delicious! I bet the cookie press (and the little helper) makes them taste better. :)

  2. put that heirloom cookie stamp in your burning house pile for me, won't you? xox

  3. Yummy and with that cookie press they are looking even more delicious.

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  4. You definitely made my way "sweet". This simple cookies must be adorable, even from a "bird sight". Good job

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